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The SEAMOR ROV is an industry proven, portable inspection ROV with a versatile design for use in a wide range of applications and underwater inspection and/or tooling tasks. SEAMOR ROVs are specifically engineered to ensure that the end user is able to accomplish what is required given the task at hand.
The SEAMOR ROVs are signed as a foundation for use in multiple applications or operations. Using a modular, open frame design, the one-person portable vehicle hosts all the standard items required of an inspection class ROV while still having room for tooling and sensor expansion. The vehicle is light weight so can easily be deployed and retrieved by one person either using the accessible handle on the ROV or the Kevlar reinforced umbilical. The controller layout is such that each feature of the ROV is clearly laid out so that the operation and control of the vehicle is natural and ergonomic for novice to experienced end users.
Depending on your specific need, a twisted-pair or fibre optic tether are options for powering and communicating with the SEAMOR ROV . The SEAMOR ROV has a depth rating of 300m (1,000ft) and can be remotely operated using standard umbilical lengths of 165m (550ft), 335m (1,100ft), 670m (2,200ft), or 915m (3,000ft). Custom lengths and 600m (2,000ft) depth rated vehicles are available.
As a global distributor of economical, potable, underwater ROV’s, SEAMOR inspection system are being used in a wide range of applications. For more information on what SEAMOR can offer to fill your specific need, please contact our head office or your local distributor directly. Fly a SEAMOR ROV and understand why SEAMOR is putting your expectations into our ROVs.


The STEELHEAD inspection-class ROV is a portable, lightweight and stable underwater system that is easily operated through intuitive flight controls. A small profile allows this vehicle to inspect confined spaces and be easily stowed. The compact STEELHEAD is easily deployed and recovered from small vessels and docks–no need for hoists or cranes. A Standard definition NTSC/PAL output camera with minimum light sensitivity of 1.5 lux provides the ROV operator high quality video in low-light conditions.“Out of the Box” features include an integrated controller and LCD monitor module that contains Auto Depth, Auto Heading, a Digital Video Recorder and much more. Shipped in rugged and portable Pelican cases, this versatile system has a standard depth rating of 1,000ft/300m and minimal ship/shore power requirements.


The CHINOOK is an industrial grade inspection ROV with a wide range of capabilities. Explore the depths down to 1,000ft/300m with the standard vehicle or 2,000ft/600m with the deep water version. A true workhorse, the CHINOOK offers a stable platform yet remains compact. With its small profile, the CHINOOK can operate in tight places and is easily stowed when not in use. Multiple handles and frame cross members allow 2 people to handle this ROV with ease. This new vehicle also offers improved water flow through the vehicle compared with previous versions for a clean and efficient system.  For greater versatility, customize your CHINOOK by adding accessories such as extra thrusters, navigational and searching aids, manipulators, tool skids, and more. A large number of mounting points creates endless possibilities for accessory configurations. The base vehicle comes with a standard definition NTSC/PAL output camera with a minimum light sensitivity of 1.5 lux.

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