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Marine & Subsea


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World Class Subsea Remotely Operated Vehicles


QSTAR support a variety of services, including:

  • ROV Operations.

  • UWILD Inspections.

  • Non Destructive Testing.

  • ROV Commissioning support projects.

  • Global Communications, Pipe & Cable tracking.

  • Marine Surveys (SBP, SSS, MBES).

  • Drill Support, Subsea Construction.

  • Mooring & Underwater structures inspections.

  • Emergency Intervention & Recovery Operations.

  • Subsea Engineering Projects.

  • Oceanography and Marine research.

  • Support in Salvage & Diving operations.

  • Archeology Projects.

  • Undewater Documentary Films.

  • Fish Farms & Dams Inspections

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Fleet of ROV (Observation Class, Medium Class, Work Class ROV), working depths between 0 and 3.000 meters, equipped with a wide range of tooling, sensor and accesories.

High qualified technicians, engineers, vessel crew, ROV Pilot Technicians and ROV Supervisors. Multipurpose work vessels and fast intervention vessels.

Survey equipments: Side scan sonars, multi-beams, Acoustic Positioning USBL & DGPS, Sub-bottom profiler, Magnetometer, Boxcorer, Vibrocorer, CTD, Carouse Water Sampler, Towed Camera, Acoustic release, Oceanographic hydraulic winch.

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