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An exceptional review for the upgraded ROV Perseo GTV delivered to QSTAR

Some months ago, Richie Enzmann, Editor in Chief of ROV Planet Magazine, has undertaken a ROV Pilot Course at QSTAR (the Rov Pilot Training Centre based in the Canary Islands and Barcelona).

Richie’s stay at QSTAR coincided with the delivery of the upgraded and improved AGEOTEC ROV Perseo GTV, which he had the opportunity to use and …positively review on the last number of ROV Planet.

The system, delivered for the first time in June 2016 to QSTAR, came back to Italy after some months in order to been upgraded, according to the customer requirements.

A dedicated ethernet line and a dedicated optical line were added to the system, both in order to increase the flexibility of the ROV. In particular, the added ethernet line allows the user to connect any possible ethernet output device (such as HD cameras, acoustic cameras, etc…) while the dedicated optic line extends the flexibility of the vehicle by allowing a direct connection to sophisticated instruments with direct optical outputs (e.g. HD documentary cameras).

A customer like QSTAR can today rent cameras or particular tools, fix them to the Perseo GTV and connect them to the ethernet line or to the dedicated optic line. Moreover, thanks to these two additional lines, multiple tools can be added also together. Vehicle flexibility is further increased if we consider the possibility of adding one or more dedicated skids to fix the tools connected to the lines (ethernet and optics).

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