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New PERSEO GTV ROV 1500 meters

Jose Maria Sepúlveda, CEO at QSTAR visiting the new Ageotec ROV production facilities after the strategic agreement with Calzoni L3. Receiving our new PERSEO GTV 1500 Meters free flight mode.

Ageotec has delivered a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Perseo GTV to QSTAR Group, for the Subsea Solutions Division & ROV Pilot Training centre based in the Canary Islands and Barcelona.

QSTAR already owns the Ageotec Sirio and Ageotec Perseo ROVs.

The ROV Perseo GTV is equipped with a black & white HD camera, a full color camera with zoom mounted on an adjustable support (tilt), a double lights line (for a total of four LEDs) and a 1500 stainless steel winch.

Delivered in Calzoni manufacturing plant by Ageotec’s customer support team, the ROV Perseo GTV has been tested in the company’s swimming pool by Josè Marìa Sepulveda, CEO of Qstar.

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