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QSTAR ROV BlueROV2 de BlueRobotics


Some months ago, Richie Enzmann, Editor in Chief of ROV Planet Magazine, has undertaken a ROV Pilot Course at QSTAR (the Rov Pilot Training Centre based in the Canary Islands and Barcelona).

Richie’s stay at QSTAR coincided with the delivery of the upgraded and improved AGEOTEC ROV Perseo GTV, which he had the opportunity to use and …positively review on t...


RIchie Ezman, Editor in Chief from the Nº ROV & Subsea construction Magazine writes about his experience at QSTAR ROV Training Facilities performing the Electricity, Electronics & Safety in High Voltage module. Get free now the Nº 12 issue at ROV Planet website:  http://www.rovplanet.com/userfiles/magazin/5980ce664643d6_40986000.pdf


QSTAR S.L.U ROV TRAINING & SUBSEA SOLUTIONS establish a subsidiary in Barcelona Port Forum.

QSTAR, with headquarter´s in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, has establish a subsidiary in Barcelona Port Forum from where the company will promote marine services and training in the nacional market and to other places of influence in Europe and Mediterranean áreas 



La principal y única actividad desarrollada en el marco de este proyecto ha sido la adquisición de un vehículo submarino tripulado remotamente (ROV) modelo PERSEO GTV con capacidad de trabajo hasta 1.500 metros de profundidad con el objetivo planteado de ampliar nuestra capacidad y oferta de servicios en nuevos mercados.

Proyecto subvencionado un 34,86% po...


The TSG has been formed of individuals from IMCA member companies of all types: contractors (Fugro, Bibby, i-Tech7, Subsea 7 and Saipem); training providers (MTCS – England, The Underwater Centre – Scotland, QSTAR – Spain and School of Ocean Technology – Canada); and suppliers and manufacturers (SMD, SAAB Seaeye, Schilling and Forum).

The TSG has been form...


South of Spain working in a National Geographic production alongside with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, QSTAR Subsea Solutions and Team of divers to support the filming. ROV, Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam and Drones where used to develope it.


Jose Maria Sepúlveda, CEO at QSTAR visiting the new Ageotec ROV production facilities after the strategic agreement with Calzoni L3. Receiving our new PERSEO GTV 1500 Meters free flight mode.

Ageotec has delivered a new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Perseo GTV to QSTAR Group, for the Subsea Solutions Division & ROV Pilot Training centre based in the Cana...


Oceanographic buoy rescue 50 miles offshore Las Palmas Port, performed by QSTAR SUBSEA SOLUTION'S.


BOSIET & IMIST Courses Avaliable now at Las Palmas, Canary Islands.

  • Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training (BOSIET). OPITO Standard 5700

  • Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET). OPITO standard 5858

  • Helicopter Underwater Egress Safety Training with Emergency Breathing Systems (HUET & EBS). OPITO Standard 5095

  • International...

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